Landyachtz Presents: Flatspot Highway Jam XIX 2018 Video Recap

In August of 2018 Landyachtz presented Highway Jam XIX for our community and definitely did not disappoint! // read more


Coast Longboarding’s Attack Of Danger Bay 18: May 16 – 22, 2019

Here we go!! Christmas came early and Bricin Striker Lyons has announced the dates for the Attack of Danger Bay 18 coming up May 2019. Details are limited for now, but you can mark your calendars and keep track of the details on facebook and instagram. // read more


Ladies Rash Weekend: Real Girls Skate For Fun

We’re blessed here in BC to have some rad female skaters in our community who not only just get out and skate, but are putting out a positive message that resonates world wide – we are women, watch us rip! // read more


Splash For Cash 2018 // November 11th

Splash for Cash is the annual (and typically wet) Fall classic outlaw at Jakes Rash out on the Coast. If you get lucky with the weather, it’s two days of dry(ish) runs with all kinds of good people from Coast Longboarding, Team Irene, Team Green, Abby Yardwaste and more. If you don’t get lucky with the weather, you still get lucky to skate with some good people and have some good times in the wet. Make a splash and win some cash!! // read more


Rickshaw Wrestling: Horror On Hastings Ticket Give Away!

We’ve always been fans of wrestling, and the Rickshaw, so when we found out the two had combined to give us some regular nights of fun on the town, we knew we couldn’t miss out! Want to check it out, keep reading to find out how you can score some free tickets! // read more


Event Update: Yardwaste Downhill Chilliwack Freeride 3

While we had originally hoped for a Yardwaste Freeride in September, plans were squashed because of some insurance issues. Fortunately, thanks to the hard work of Mike Bridge and his crew, the Yardwaste Downhill Chilliwack Freeride 3 is back on!! Get all the details below and don’t miss this local event. // read more


August Longboard Event Calendar 2018

August is here and summer is dwindling fast, but we have about a month to take the most advantage of the warm weather and later days. Fortunately there is a ton of fun to be had in the lower mainland, in and around, Vancouver. // read more


FUBU Vancouver 2018 // An All-Womyn Longboarding Weekend

After years of being a successful Toronto event, FUBU, an All-Womyn Longboarding Weekend event, has made its way to Vancouver. While never specifically “for men”, I am sure we can all agree, most of the longboard events are hosted and participated in by men and others take a back seat to their presence, intentional or not. Additionally, while these events might be open to all genders and skill levels, they are primarily “egalitarian” and not actually designed to welcome less experienced people and foster their time there at the event. Typically events are geared to a higher level of skill, whether or not they are competitive, and those with the most skills get to dominate the space. The FUBU events are geared to welcome not just womyn, but all skill levels, and there is a distinct tone of fun and friendliness that rarely exists in other event spaces.

We are stoked to for Vancouver’s first FUBU and hopeful for more to come in years ahead. Hope to see you there!

// read more


Landyachtz Presents: Flatspot Highway Jam XIX

We are stoked to announce the next Highway Jam!!!!

Landyachtz Longboards Presents: FLATSPOT Highway Jam XIX

Some of our best jams have been Landy Jams. Remember the Hawgs Tracer Jam?! Or the Ramathorn release Jam?! or How about the LY Snowskate Highway Jam?! We have had some of the best times with the Eh Team. Despite sharing a city with each other, we only rarely have the pleasure of throwing these Highway Jams together. When we do, they are epic, you don’t want to miss this!

** Note the 8am meet-up time! We want to get as much skating in as we can! // read more


Paris Truck Co. X Flatspot Longboards | Highway Jam XVIII

Paris Truck Co. joined us for the 18th Highway Jam a few weeks ago. We’ve been hosting Highway Jams for years now. Bringing the community together, we couldn’t be happier that the Paris Crew hopped on the bus for a full day of skating, pizza, ice cream and good times. We couldn’t have done it without the love and trust of Ryan Ricker and Paris Trucks, so thank you for making it happen to them!! <3 <3 // read more