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    Abec 11 – Amber Freerides – 64mm

    $59.99 $49.99CAD

    These brand new 64mm FreeRides with our stone ground finish will leave golden lines of thane right out of the box! They feature our wide “FreeRide Core” that provides extra support to keep them amazingly stable and smooth while sliding. They also feature our legendary classic 81a amberthane, which results in a smooth, fast and drifty wheel that won’t let you down. Set these up on your favorite small-sized freeride or cruising board and you’ll be one very happy camper.

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  • Roger Bros. – Max Capps Dagger Foot Stop


    We love Max Capps, and we love Roger Bros. Thankfully through the will of the skate gods they have some together to give us this incredible piece of skate hardware. If you’re having issues with your foot slipping off and it needs a little regulation than stick this bad boy on there…problem solved!


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  • Longboard Larry – Hippo


    Length: 40″
    Width: 9.75″
    Wheelbase: 24.8-25.8″
    Flex: Stiff
    Material: Maple
    Plys: 8
    Concave: Rocker, Radial, Micro-Drop
    Concave type: Medium

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  • On Sale

    Penny – Glow – Complete

    $135.00 $120.00CAD

    The Penny 22″ deck comes complete with 53mm 83a Penny brand wheels and 3″ trucks.

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  • On Sale

    Rayne – Vandal Demons – Deck

    $219.99 $159.99CAD


    Length – 35″
    Wheelbase – 27″
    Width – 9.75″
    Standing Platform – 26″

    Design Features:

    Sharp Edges – Final touch for locked in feet
    Fat Bottom Bamboo Core – Strong and light, thick and juicy, this baby’s got back.
    Pre-tensioned Triaxial Fibreglass – Adds long life, durability, strength and energy return.
    Directional Shape – This shape is directional, but has full width all the way through the standing platform.
    Sublimated Artwork – Scratch-resistant ink is tattooed into the deck.
    Leverage Concave – Grips from the ball of the foot to the centre of your heel for outstanding turn control.
    Speed-stiff – Don’t get bounced! Stiff boards will make you stable at high speeds.
    3D Wheel Wells – Fight against nasty wheelbite and keep your feet in place.
    Universal Variable Top Mounting – Lets you pick the wheelbase that works best for you.
    Bee Orange Finish – Smells good, tastes great, and seals and protects your board without harmful chemicals.

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  • On Sale

    Rayne – Exorcist Deep Sea – Deck

    $220.00 $169.99CAD

    Length: 34″
    Width: 9.5″
    Wheelbase: 24.25” – 26.25”


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  • On Sale

    Landyachtz – Wolf Shark Mini (Hollowtech) – Deck

    $206.00 $189.99CAD


    Length 32.5″
    Width 9.5″
    Wheelbase 21.21″ – 23. 75″

    Hollow Tech w. Canadian Maple & fiberglass

    Compact, Symmetrical, micro drops

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