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  • Flatspot Toque – Pint Sized


    Toques…or beanies or whatever else you want to call them serve many great purposes. While they look cool and keep you warm they can double as a small bag, be used to wipe sweat from your brow and even used to clean up a spill. Ultimately use them how you will.

    We’ve made a special run of pint sized toques for those babies and little ones in your life.Hook them up and guaranteed they’ll be the coolest kid on the block…or stroller.

    *Please note color of toque varies slightly from photo…especially with the Dark Navy Blue and Grey*

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  • Landyachtz – Revival Series (Pacific Yew) – Complete


    The Pacific Yew Series.  

    Construction – 6 plies Canadian Maple core w/ Revival top and bottom plies.

    Made in Canada

    28″ Length I 8.5″ Width I 15.5″ Wheelbase

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  • On Sale

    Penny – Pink – Complete

    $135.00 $120.00CAD

    The Penny 22″ deck comes complete with 53mm 83a Penny brand wheels and 3″ trucks.

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    Rayne – Darkside Migrations – Deck

    $205.99 $154.99CAD


    Length – 36″
    Wheelbase – 23.5″
    Standing Platform – 23.5″
    Width – 9.75″

    Design Features:

    Missionary Construction – The classic Rayne sandwich construction you know and love.
    Vert-Lam Bamboo Core – Stronger than steel, light like a feather
    Pre-tensioned Biax fibreglass – Adds long life, durability, strength and energy return.
    Sublimated Artwork – Scratch-resistant ink is tattooed into the deck.
    Sharp Edges – Final touch for locked in feet.
    Speed-stiff – Don’t get bounced! Stiff boards will make you stable at high speeds.
    Directional Shape – Gives extra edge feel for carving, cruising and speed.
    3D Wheelwells – Fight against nasty wheelbite and keep your feet in place.
    3 Stage Rocker – Pre-loads your legs for easier tucking and turning.
    Radial Drop Platform – Cradles your feet to keep them where you want. Ideal for freeriding.
    Mean Concave – Concave designed to be steeper in the middle to give you both pockets and gas pedals.
    Universal Variable Top Mounting – Lets you pick the wheelbase that works best for you.
    Bee Orange Finish – Smells good, taste great, and seals and protects your board without harmful chemicals.

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  • On Sale

    Rayne – Brightside V2 Blood Moon – Deck

    $205.00 $134.99CAD

    Length: 34″
    Width: 9.25″
    Wheelbase: 21.5 – 22.5″

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