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  • Flatspot Toque – Pint Sized


    Toques…or beanies or whatever else you want to call them serve many great purposes. While they look cool and keep you warm they can double as a small bag, be used to wipe sweat from your brow and even used to clean up a spill. Ultimately use them how you will.

    We’ve made a special run of pint sized toques for those babies and little ones in your life.Hook them up and guaranteed they’ll be the coolest kid on the block…or stroller.

    *Please note color of toque varies slightly from photo…especially with the Dark Navy Blue and Grey*

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  • Landyachtz – Revival Series (Pacific Yew) – Complete


    The Pacific Yew Series.  

    Construction – 6 plies Canadian Maple core w/ Revival top and bottom plies.

    Made in Canada

    28″ Length I 8.5″ Width I 15.5″ Wheelbase

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  • Flatspot – Alt Bar Logo Decal (Large) – BLACK


    Regular stickers are pretty cool, but vinyl decals are the dopest dope you’ll ever stick to anything increasing your ability to skate better…scientifically proven.

    Decal measures 7.5″x2.5″

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  • On Sale

    Nickel – Hot Pink – Complete

    $165.00 $155.00CAD

    The Nickel 27″ deck comes complete with 59mm 83a Penny brand wheels and 4″ trucks.

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  • On Sale

    Rayne – Vandal V3 – Deck

    $205.00 $130.00CAD
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