• Scumco and Sons – Fucoff Skate Stopper Remover


    32 security bits for the most commonly used tamper-proof hardware.

  • Shorty’s – Black Magic Grip Tape Cleaner (Eraser)


    Great for cleaning shoe gunk, dust, dry dirt and stuck-on debris off any types of griptape. Use the Black Magic eraser before your sessions helps to keep grip tape clear of crap so it works like new. Rub the Eraser lengthwise across your skateboard using long firm strokes!

    Approximate size: 2″ x 2″ x 1″
    Works with all types of griptape.

  • Creature – Wallet Web Skate Tool


    Slots for axle nut, kingpin nut, and hardware nut.

  • Independent – Bearing Saver T Tool – Black


    The bearing saver tool has a carefully thought out notch in the wheel nut socket to prevent pressing your bearings in at weak points.

  • Krux – DLK Kingpin Tool – Skate Tool


    The Down Low Kingpin (DLK) by Krux Trucks. This totally redesigned kingpin by Krux gives you even more clearance from your hanger for smoother grinds. Fits all types of Krux Trucks.

  • Shake Junt – Grip Tape Cleaner (Eraser)


    Take dirt, dust and debris out of your grip tape quick and easy. Help get back traction and responsiveness without having to buy new grip and regrip your board. Rub the Eraser lengthwise across your skateboard using long firm strokes! Repeat regularly to avoid build-up and keep your grip grippy, crips and fresh!

    Approximate size: 4.5 x 1.5 x 1.5
    Works with all types of griptape

  • Bones – Bearing Cleaning Kit


    – Made of fluorinated high density polyethylene
    – 7 spacers for a good flush in less time
    – Cleans up to 8 bearings at a time
    – Cleans all skate bearings
    – Cleaning solvents not included

  • Sk8ology Click Carabiner Skate Tool


    The Carabiner Skate Tool by Click Carabiners. Make quick and easy adjustments anytime, anywhere with the Carabiner Skate Tool. Keep your set-up tuned and tight… Stay Tuned!

    -9/16″ Wrench
    -1/2″ Wrench
    -3/8″ Wrench
    -Pop Out Screwdriver
    -Griptape File
    -Bottle Opener
    -Quick Clip Carabiner
    -Textured Overmold
    -4 Colors Available

  • Independent – Best Skate Tool


    Officially licensed and patented design—The Best Skate Tool features 9/16”, 1/2”, and 3/8” sockets, 7/32” & 1/8” allen wrenches, #2 phillips driver, a bearing press / puller, and 5/16” axle re-threader. Its seriously the only tool you’ll ever need.


  • Bronson Speed Co. Next Generation Bearing Saver Skate Tool 


    Bronson Speed Co. Next Generation Bearing Saver Skate Tool

    The first and only skate tool designed to prevent shield damage that can occur when installing your bearings or adjusting your axle nut. Engineered by Bronson Speed Co. to ensure bearing performance and precision.

  • Shoe Goo – Clear


    Shoe GOO is specially designed to repair, seal and stick to a wide variety of materials with superior strength. The unique formula contains is designed for strong abrasion resistance and better adhesion to flexible materials. Its ideal for repairing worn soles, coating shoes to prevent premature wear and sealing galoshes, waders or rubber boots. Use on plastic, metal, leather, vinyl, rubber and canvas.

    • Rebuild worn out shoes soles
    • Coat shoelace ends to stop fraying
    • Secure loose insoles and repairs damaged heels
    • Prevent premature wear on skate shoes