There ‘s always something going on!! From the hyper local here in the shop, to all over the world, this Calendar will highlight some of our favorites.

Weekly Events:
Monday – Yoga – Professionally led by Sam James from Unity From Within, this skater focused yoga session helps alleviate old injuries and prevent new ones all at the same time. Elevate you skating with a little mindfulness!

Tuesday – Techslide – Come join us on soft wheels or hard for a weekly dose of technical downhill sessioning. Whether it’s your first time learning to slide or you’re a seasoned pro, we’re there to hang out and have fun.

Thursday – Parkades!! – Meeting every week at the Vancouver Art Gallery at 8pm, this legendary session will take you around the city to some of the best spots the downtown core has to play in.

Annual Events:
North Vancouver City Fest – Beginning of May

Coast Longboarding Attack of Danger Bay – End of May

Maryhill Ratz Freerides – Seasonal, often as many as 4 freerides, April, June, August, September typically. Possible a race as well.

Kamloops Longboarding Skate Sun Peaks – TBA June or July

Kamloops Longboarding Annual Longboard Park BDay Bash – TBA September

Not seeing an event you’re curious about. Contact us! Have an event you want to promote? Also Contact us! Shoot us an email at, message us on¬†facebook, or call at 604 899 8937!