Coast Longboarding: Attack of Danger Bay 20

It’s happened! Coast Longboarding and Bricin Striker Lyons have made it to 20 years of Attack of Danger Bay! Nothing could stop him. Not broken bones. Not recessions. Not slimy sponsors. Not moving to Nova Scotia. Not Pandemics. Nothing! The 20th Annual Attack of Danger Bay even happened… without Striker in BC! Read on to find out more! // read more


Team Green’s Splash For Cash 2019 // Coast Longboarding

Jake’s Rash is a highlight of the Coast Longboarding Danger Bay experience and a legendary road in our race scene here in BC. Annually there is an off-season event dubbed Splash For Cash, in part because it is often wet thanks to coastal rainy season. While this expected wetness isn’t always the case, the Rash is always a bit hectic, and not a family event!

Get ready for the 2019 Splash for Cash coming up this weekend, with two days – Saturday, November 9th and Sunday, November 10th – on two different hills! // read more


Mario Kart Deathmatch Tour 2019 // Coast Longboarding Parkade Outlaw Series

This week is HALLOWEEN!!!! And what comes with Halloween? No, not candy or fireworks. Well, yes, that too. But more importantly, it’s the MARIO KART DEATHMATCH TOUR!! This may be our favorite event of the year. And what could be better? IT’S ON ACTUAL HALLOWEEN!!

Get all the details below and peep some footage from a past year to get stoked!! // read more


CLBC Parkade Outlaw Series 2019 Details

Last Winter’s C.L.B.C. Vancouver Outlaw Series organized by the legendary Chase Johnson was some incredible fun. This Fall, Chase is bringing back outlaws and organizing a series of Parkade Races, coinciding with the regular Parkading that happens Thursday already.

The first race is coming up this week!!!

Meet @ Vancouver Art Gallery @ 8pm

Get all the details on the series below!! // read more


Coast Longboarding’s Attack Of Danger Bay 18: May 16 – 22, 2019

Here we go!! Christmas came early and Bricin Striker Lyons has announced the dates for the Attack of Danger Bay 18 coming up May 2019. Details are limited for now, but you can mark your calendars and keep track of the details on facebook and instagram. // read more


Ladies Rash Weekend: Real Girls Skate For Fun

We’re blessed here in BC to have some rad female skaters in our community who not only just get out and skate, but are putting out a positive message that resonates world wide – we are women, watch us rip! // read more


Splash For Cash 2018 // November 11th

Splash for Cash is the annual (and typically wet) Fall classic outlaw at Jakes Rash out on the Coast. If you get lucky with the weather, it’s two days of dry(ish) runs with all kinds of good people from Coast Longboarding, Team Irene, Team Green, Abby Yardwaste and more. If you don’t get lucky with the weather, you still get lucky to skate with some good people and have some good times in the wet. Make a splash and win some cash!! // read more


Event Update: Yardwaste Downhill Chilliwack Freeride 3

While we had originally hoped for a Yardwaste Freeride in September, plans were squashed because of some insurance issues. Fortunately, thanks to the hard work of Mike Bridge and his crew, the Yardwaste Downhill Chilliwack Freeride 3 is back on!! Get all the details below and don’t miss this local event. // read more


August Longboard Event Calendar 2018

August is here and summer is dwindling fast, but we have about a month to take the most advantage of the warm weather and later days. Fortunately there is a ton of fun to be had in the lower mainland, in and around, Vancouver. // read more


Coast Longboarding 2018 Fundraiser Apparel In Stock

If you didn’t already know, Bricin Stiker Lyons and Coast Longboarding have moved their head quarters to Nova Scotia and founded the Highlands Hostel and Church of Skatan on the Cabot Trail. Striker and family have moved east and are pouring everything they have into creating a new home for downhill in Canada, a museum of Coast Longboarding, and a place to stay and skate some of the best hills in the world for skaters everywhere.

Check out some of the apparel available to help fundraise and support the dream! // read more