Flatspot Team: Sho Oullette

Flatspot Team: Sho Ouellette

Name: Shoahei Ouellette
Born: 1996
Sponsors: Valhalla skateboards, Paris Trucks, Orangatang Wheels, S1 helmets
Favorite Set Up(s): Valhalla MasterBlaster, 50/43 split paris, Orangatang 4Prez 83a
Instagram: @Sho_Ouellette

Flatspot Team: Sho Ouellette is too young to be so talented. Its not fair and makes everyone else feel washed up! But if you can’t beat em, join em, right? There isn’t anyone who can blast a roman candle faster than him. Thats a scientific fact. This summer he did some glob trotting, and skated all around Japan and Colombia! He came home from the summer with his own Pro-Model board with Valhalla Skateboards!


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