Flatspot Team: Troy Grenier

Name: Troy Grenier
Born: 1992
Sponsors: Landyachtz, Hawgs Wheels, Paris Trucks, S1 helmets, Push Culture, Timeship Racing, Flatspot longboardshop, Bambuddha sunglasses, Skate slate, venom bushings, paradox grip (Light Speed Division), cariboo brewing
Favorite Set Up(s): 
Instagram: @Troy_Yardwaste

Troy Grenier lives and breathes Coast Longboarding. He has been on more Cribb Bomb trips than most and is a master of the open road. As for his skating, it speaks for itself. Parks, hills ditches or your driveway, he will slay it. If troy is hitting up an event, expect to see him on the podium. Few are more determined to dominate.