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This great land vessel of rickety radness is a testament that just about anything can run on Strikers energy. Riding it is a lesson in acceptance and adventure into the unknown. There are no regrets on the Cribb.

Don’t know what the Cribb Bomb is? Its a huge RV that Bricin “Striker” Lyons (the father of Coast Longboarding) drives to a buttload events every year. For a small fee you can ride to and from pretty much any longboard downhill event on the west coast, and back again, complete with a bunk and free Cariboo Beer the entire time. Striker has been doing this for years, and knows every hill, swimming hole and epic greasy spoon to and from literally anywhere in north america.

If you want to get a intimate and hilarious window into what cribb-bomb life is like, read some Strikers Tales. They are always a hoot. If you want to hear the stories from striker’s mouth and not his written word, sit back and enjoy our Live AMA that we did last month. We drank a lot of beer (thanks Cariboo Brewing!), made grilled cheese sandwiches on a coleman stove, and got deep down the rabbit hole of longboard history with the man who’s seen it all.

Mark off these events on your Calendar! The Coast Longboarding Event Schedule is what you need in your life! This Calendar is useful because its also a huge list of certifiably epic events. Why take the trouble to drive all that way to something crappy? If the event is on this list, its a good one. (there are definitely other good events not on this list, for a global list check out Even if you don’t go in the Cribb Bomb, you should still go!

A lot of these events wouldn’t even exist if it were not for Striker and his efforts at Coast Longboarding. But this shit doesn’t just run on stoke, so if you like Coast, than support Coast! Going to the events is a great way to do that. But buying a T-shirt is the absolute next best thing.


  • Coast Longboarding Danger Baby Onesie


    These Baby Onesies are prime for all the little Coast kiddies popping out all over the world. 100% of the proceeds from this apparel goes straight to supporting Coast Longboarding!

    Support Coast Longboarding’s latest and greatest endeavour to establish a Church of Skatan on the Cabot Trail! It’s not going to be easy, and it’s not going to be cheap. But it will be absolutely amazing.

    Striker has put in decades of passion and hard work building, facilitating and supporting the downhill longboard community here on the West Coast. Now it’s time to do the same on the east coast and tie this whole country of speed freaks together.

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