Flatspot x Hawgs – Biggie Smalls – Lathed Wheels


Baby, BAYYYBAYYYYY…these lathed wheels are the jam! We’ve lathed down Biggie Hawgs and made them a super fun free ride wheel!

Duro: 78a
Size: 66mm
Width: 55mm
Contact Patch: 48mm
Core: Centerset

Please note these wheels are hand made and may vary in size slightly with a tolerance of +/- 1mm.

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  • Description


    What happens to race wheels when they retire? Sometimes they get the loving attention they deserve and are gradually skated into nothing. But sometimes they get left in a box and forgotten. We take those forgotten and spent race wheels and turn them down into freeride wheels so that they can spend the rest of their happy days being shredded down to the core. Adopt a set of refurbished flatspot lathe wheels and know you are giving these little shred balls the gnar home they deserve.

    We make these epic centerset freerides by taking scrubbed Biggie Hawgs and cutting off the beef. With the same long lasting urethane and supportive core in the standard Biggies, these are gonna be an exceptionally durable freeride wheel. The Biggie Smalls have a larger contact patch, which makes them ideal if you want to be able to shed speed and still grip lines. And because they are centerset you can flip your wheels and get an even wear all the way down to the core!



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      Additional information

      Weight2 lbs
      Dimensions6 × 6 × 3 in