Vancouver Parkades With Gel Lab local Ari Shark

Ari “Shark” Chamasmany is no stranger to parkades, stoked to welcome a fellow parkade connoiseur to taste our local dirty car hole delights.

So since Ari is gonna be in town for the upcoming Loaded and Orangatang Highway Jam, might as well arrive just in time for parkades! Both LA and Vancouver have a rad weekly garage session that have been running for years and years. If you skate a lot of garages, you will appreciate how awesome it would be to skate all new garages for a night. No two garages are exactly alike, and every city has a few burly ones. A well functioning garage session is like a creature. It forms habits, routines. Stopping at the same pizza joint or park. But it also learns things, like the sneakiest way into a garage, which door to prop and which door not to prop. These tricks of the trade are a sign of a well ripened garage session. Stoke to share our local dirty car holes with a dirty care hole connoisseur!

Meet Behind the Vancouver Art Gallery, Feb 9th at 9pm
Helmets are mandatory

In any case, here is and edit of a Vancouver Parkade Session back to back with a LA Parkade Session / The Gel Lab for your consideration.

 Vancouver Parkade Sessions


The Gel Lab

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