Vancouver City Session: Harlen & Riki Skate Around Town

Flatspot team rider Harlen Terjesen and shop homie and photographer Riki Fandrakis are old friends and lurk, skate and shoot photos together. With the weather getting better in Vancouver, Harlen and Riki have been heading out skateboarding local spots and shooting some photos along the way.

Harlen on the catwalk. Is that a duck face? Why isn’t Harlen pushing? At least he’s not mall grabbing.

Rad scenery shot by Riki. It’s a not all about the skate shots.

Like most skate missions, pushing on from the one location happens and despite the fun of skateboarding Gastown, it’s a lot of cobble stone and a lot of pedestrian and car traffic in tight places. So the search continued along the waterfront…

And on into downtown and the VAG

And a full loop back through Gastown and back to Flatspot..

Harlen’s setup of choice this day was a Santa Cruz, Jeff Kendal pro model. Its 8.75 at the widest point which pairs with Independent 159s and bones wheels really nicely.

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