Ahmyo – Akasha FR – 76mm/79a


After a couple years of shredding our loved 76mm 79a Inset AHMYO Akashas. Our family of alien rippers wanted to try a more forgiving and drift oriented option in the same and great thane and core.

We decided to prototype some cuts and as we thought, the changes were dank! So we tweaked a bit our classic shape to bring you a slidier version of an already epic wheel . Now with a centerset core placement, grounded skin and 53mm wide, these beauts are ready to lay some love lines right away!

Diameter: 76mm
Contact patch: 57mm
Durometer: 79A
Core: Centre
Skin: Stone Ground

In stock

Add Bearings

Add a fresh set of bearings to your wheels for that super smooth, new roll feel.

Add A Tool

Never know when you need to make adjustments on the go. Why not add a tool…they’re always useful.

Add Lube

Keep your bearings running tight and right, clean and lube on the regular!