Acid Chemical Co – Jelly Shots Green – 59mm x 82a


Size: 59mm
Duro: 82a

In stock

Add Bearings

Add a fresh set of bearings to your wheels for that super smooth, new roll feel.

Add A Tool

Never know when you need to make adjustments on the go. Why not add a tool…they’re always useful.

Add Lube

Keep your bearings running tight and right, clean and lube on the regular!


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    Soft sharp lipped wheels ‘Jelly Shots’, from Acid Chemical Co, waiting to be set up on your filmer board, your grocery getter, your seawall cruiser and anything inbetween.

    Size: 59mm
    Duro: 82a

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    • Additional information

      Additional information

      Weight2 lbs
      Dimensions11 × 3 × 3 in