Max Capps X Rogers Bros #DaggersRule Footstop – Flatspot Longboards

This footstop is better. Not just because Daggers Rule, but because it floats, and pivots with just the right amount of resistance. But also because #Daggesrule. Which is without question.

Footstops can be as simple as a old blown out bushing. Or they can be super functional and totally badass like this one. Max Capps is a board tweaker extraordinary. Every minute detail of his set ups (of which he customizes almost every aspect of) is carefully planned, thought out, and designed with purpose. Which is almost exclusively to go fast. We’re not sure exactly how this footstop will make you faster, but considering Max Capps designed it and Rogers Bros DH made it, we’re pretty confident it will do just that.

The other super cool thing about this foot stop is that it pivots with a smooth action with just the right amount of resistance. A floppy footstop is no good. It also floats just high enough off the board to not interrupt adjustments of your front foot.

AND the first five buyers (in store or online) will receive a very limited and totally epic Max Capps Extreme Boardshop Team Rider playing card sticker from 2015! This is most certainly a collectable item. Or at least it will be in like 10 years. Either way, if you have a thing for stickers, this is the sticker you need.



    If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email at, message us on facebook, or call at 604 899 8937!


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