Flatspot Longboards – Max Capps Chop Lord

The self-sufficient creativity of skateboarding will never die as long as there are makers and shapers like Max Capps around.

We were super stoked when, last year, we heard Max Capps was going to be in town. With a handful of tools you can buy (and later return) at your local home depot, Max did the dirty deed to a stack of old Downhill Division pin-up girls. He chopped them all, gave them curves of his liking, re-drilled where he felt necessary – he gave those outdated ladies a new reason to shine!

He also did a sweet interview with SkateSlate Magazine  that you should certainly take the time to listen to.

Max is also a talented skater that just so happens to end up on the podium with the boards he has chopped. His DIY endeavours don’t just stop at chopping boards. He also does foam core mods as well as aero kits. You should probably follow his instagram to stay up to date on his inventions.

We also have a rad selection of his one off chops!



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