Longboarding: The Forgotten Method Ft. Anthony Kong and Oliver Lanyon

The Homies are not only incredibly talented, they’re some of the most fun people to skate with. Anthony Kong and Oliver Lanyon are no exception and some might say they help lead the charge when it comes to fun on board. While their stoke might make them similar, their size difference couldn’t be any more of a contast – Anthony is a pinner and Oliver is kinda huge. The Homies decided to highlight these similarities and differences in a new edit that you can’t help but smile to!

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The forgotten method of longboarding is making it’s return. Anthony and Oliver throw down some NBDs and tech wizardry all in 5 hours. Oh, and Gibby is back

@anuhlkingkong – Arbiter DK, Paris Savants, Otang Kilmers
@oliver_lanyon – Prism Proto, Calibers, Blood Orange Smokes

Film & Edit – @jakeballantyne
Song: Parcels – “Tieduprightnow”

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Les Robertson

Les Robertson

Papa Les at Flatspot
Papa Les has been skating, promoting and building the downhill community for many moons. Once a skate dad to many, he is now a real dad to his own spawn and spends more time in Vancouver behind a computer than he once was on the road in a Van. Helping lead the charge at Flatspot and Skate Slate, he continues to encourage everyone to skate as much as possible and always remember #walkingisforchumps.
Les Robertson

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