Give A Fuck This Holiday Season with Flatspot

Everyone seems to forget that the holidays are about caring for your others. Whats the best way to care? Well, you can start by giving a fuck!

By giving someone a fuck this holiday season, you are communicating something profound. Something that says “I acknowledge your existence.” Or, don’t give it to anyone at all! Go home, hang it beside an air freshener shaped like a pine tree and go pass out watching netflix. It really doesn’t matter. Rick and Morty is just as good the 7th time around. But in case you do want to make things matter this holiday season, we have these nifty ornaments that are perfect for celebrating a time of caring designed entirely by corporations.

All of that none sense aside. These epic little christmas tree ornaments are handmade locally! At least the you can be free of the shame that comes with corporate consumerism, and know you are supporting your hyper local economy.


    By ordering just a single fuck from our online store you will be entered to win a custom, skater made camping knife!




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