Giants Head Freeride 2017 – Gear Checklist – Flatspot Longboards

Dates for Giants Head Freeride 2017 have been announced! Make sure you are prepared for three days of utterly amazing runs and don’t get caught without the necessities.

Last year Giants Head Freeride was AWESOME! Flatspot team rider Laine Jackart took second at the race, the King of the Coast contest was in full swing, and everyone had a good time. The one defining feature of this event is the number of runs. There are a lot of runs, and each run has a lot of corners. This equates to a lot of slides, and for most of us, a decent amount of bails as well. So make sure you come stocked up and prepared, because the giants takes what it wants, and it has no mercy.
10 things you will want to stock up on for Giants Head Freeride June 26-28th

1. Daves Hippy oil… no matter how many wheels you torch, you’re road rash will need more attention. Don’t be having a staph party at skate events, its bad karma.

    2. Wheels… This is GHF. Endless runs, many slides. It should be called skidfest, but thats the event in my underpants. Which you should bring extra’s of as well.

    • On Sale

      Abec 11 – Amber Freerides – 64mm

      $59.99 $44.99CAD

      These brand new 64mm FreeRides with our stone ground finish will leave golden lines of thane right out of the box! They feature our wide “FreeRide Core” that provides extra support to keep them amazingly stable and smooth while sliding. They also feature our legendary classic 81a amberthane, which results in a smooth, fast and drifty wheel that won’t let you down. Set these up on your favorite small-sized freeride or cruising board and you’ll be one very happy camper.

    3. Toestop… If your riding a topmount, there is a very good chance you might appreciate rocking a toestop for this event. Between the occasional road heave, the excessive sliding and the pinecones there are ample opportunities for your foot to get bucked into all kinds of unfortunate places.

    • Riptide – PSD Footstop – INside


      ⦁ Conforms to fit the concave of your board
      ⦁ Custom 60d Urethane
      ⦁ Durable
      ⦁ Lightweight 1.3 oz / 36 gm
      ⦁ Length: 2.33″ / 59.2 mm
      ⦁ Width:  3.31″ / 84.1 mm
      ⦁ Height:  .99″ / 25.1 mm
      ⦁ Slot Length:  1.38″ / 35.1 mm

    • Riptide – PSD Footstop – In & Out


      ⦁ Conforms to fit the concave of your board
      ⦁ Custom 60d Urethane
      ⦁ Durable
      ⦁ Lightweight 1.6 oz / 45 gm
      ⦁ Length: 2.73″ / 69.3 mm
      ⦁ Width:  2.73″ / 69.3 mm
      ⦁ Height:  .98″ / 24.9 mm
      ⦁ Slot Length:  1.25″ / 31.7 mm (Straight) 1.68″ / 42.7 mm (curved)

    4. Pucks (maybe gloves too)… even if your stand up skills are above average, shit happens and you’re going to want a solid glove and puck on hand to save you… especially with all the pinecones!

    Speaking of pinecones, check out this epic gif we ripped off from skateslate’s blog!

    5. Knee, elbow, and hip/ass pads… there is no better way to keep skating longer, than avoiding slams all together, but slams happen, so having some pads can keep your out of the Med Tech tent. Worried about looking like a kook? We’re Kooks. Fuck that shit. Pad up and give no fucks. Pro Tip: Spine Protectors are the new black.


    • Triple 8 – Hired Hands Wrist Guards


      Wrist protection that fits like a glove.

      The Hired Hands are our burliest glove, with complete wrist protection coupled with the secure fit and coverage of a glove. Hired Hands feature top grain leather and full padding for maximum protection.

      • Top and bottom removable/replaceable impact-resistant ABS splints
      • EVA shock absorbing foam layers with double stitching for increased durability
      • Thick neoprene support strap ensures a secure fit
      • EZ pull-on loop
    • 187 – Wristguards



      • Angled design confirms to hand for excellent fit
      • Reinforced thuymb hole and palm increase longevity
      • ballistic nylon with industrial-weight stitching ensures durability
      • Padded interior provides increased comfort
      • Extra thick splint gives concentrated protection at base of hand where most hard impacts occur
      • Top splints are removable
    • Triple 8 – Street 2-Pack (Knee & Elbow)


      The starter kit for street skating.

      Grab our Street Knee and Elbow Pads together in a convenient and economical package.

      • Compact knee & elbow pads with high density contoured EVA foam
      • Impact resistant polyethelene caps securely attached with reinforced rivets
      • Knee pad has a butterfly closing system that allows for easy on & off
      • Elbow pad comes with a cool, comfortable Lycra® sleeve

    6. Bearings… everyone forgets to bring an extra set (or two) of bearings. GHF is dusty as fuck when it’s dry and wet is wet, so why blow a bearing and not be prepared.

    • Bronson Speed Co. – G3 Bearings


      Next Generation Bearings, Designed for Today’s Skateboarding G3’s

      • Deep Groove Raceways- balls roll deep in raceway channels – reduces side impact damage & breakage
      • Straight Edge Frictionless Shields- pop off resistant – holds oil in, dirt and moisture out- easy to clean
      • Micro Groove Raceway Surfaces- linear micro-groove surfaces improve bearing lubrication, speed and spin
      • Max Impact Cage Design- non- distortion custom cage keeps the balls precision spaced & oil circulating
      • Balls Out Technology- eliminates shield and cage contact on impact for a go fast, stay fast bearing
      • High Speed Ceramic Oil- nano-ceramic compounds for wear protection – moisture, rust, corrosion resistant
      • Factory Fresh Quality- nitrogen filled shrink wrap, reduces metal & oil oxidation until ready to be ridden

    • Bones – Speed Cream


      Bones® Speed Cream® is a high temperature, low viscosity synthetic skate lubricant specially formulated by Bones® to reduce friction, and provide a durable micro film of lubricant to protect against corrosion. We have found this lubricant to be superior to Teflon™ based lubricants in skate environments. Speed Cream R.F. makes your bearings faster and is very long lasting.

    • Bones Super Reds Ceramic Bearings


      Features grade 5, silicone nitride, hot isostatically pressed ceramic balls.
      Higher quality steel races and a superior surface finish.
      Single non-contact removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction.
      High speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed.
      Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream racing lubricant.
      Skate Rated clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible.

      Set of 8 bearings

    • Zealous Bearings


      Steel Balls
      – Precision 8mm axle holes
      – .4045″ built in spacers
      – .5mm built in speedrings
      – Green rubber seals to keep dirt and debris on the outside of the bearing.
      – Lubed with Custom Nanoceramic Grease
      -The unique feature of the lubricant is how the nanoceramic compound fills in deformations or asperities in the bearing. These deformations cause friction and heat around them which hardens the nano-ceramic compound to that specific area. This micro coating is 5 times the hardness of the host alloy and has a molecular bond with the host metal, filling in all the asperities and eliminating friction over time.
      -The coefficient of friction is the lowest in the field of Tribology at 0.003% creating a near frictionless surface. Mainly because the nanoceramic compound eliminates all asperities.
      -Extremely low water washout
      -Corrosion on the inside of the bearing is nearly eliminated.

      Sold in sets of 8 bearings.

    7. Lube… Don’t wanna spurge on bearings… a sample Skanunu is $2.50 and will last you the whole of GHF easy… or be a baller and get some of that Purple.

    8. Helmet… why is a helmet #8? isn’t it mandatory? Well, then you should always have a helmet, right? If you’re blowing it with a cracked old piece of foo foo, or maybe just wearing a plastic hat, come get a certified helmet and protect your melon at GHF. Bring in the old one and save $15.

    9. Bushings… dial in your trucks and be ready to schmang. Having a well tuned shred machine will make your GHF all that snazzier.

    • Venom – Bushings – Keg


      Venom is hyped to introduce a new shape for trucks that use Tall Bushings. The ‘Keg’ shape is designed to give more progressive resistance and rebound than a barrel, but without the hard stop of a normal stepped bushing. The curved side profile provides extra meat while still fitting most bushing seats. Ideal for use on the board-side, especially if you want to go to a softer setup without losing stability. Just think of it as a barrel, but with that thicky-thicc-thicc as Nelly would say.

    • Riptide – Krank Bushings – Tall Barrel


      Sold as Pair with Sticker.

      Available Durometers: 84a (orange), 87a (white), 90a (green), 93a (purple), 96a (grey),

    • Riptide – Krank Bushings – Barrel


      Sold as Pair with a Sticker

      Available Durometers: 84a (orange), 87a (white), 90a (green), 93a (purple), 96a (grey),

    • Riptide – Krank Bushings – Tall Chubby


      Sold as Pair with Large Flat Washers and Sticker.

      Available Durometers: 84a (orange), 87a (white), 90a (green), 93a (purple), 96a (grey),

    • On Sale

      Khiro Bushings – Tall Cone


      Like all KHIRO bushings, these ‘Tall Cone’ Bushings come in seven different durometers; Extra Soft White 73A, Mild Soft Orange 79A, Soft Blue 85A, Med Soft Red 90A, Hard Black 95A and Extra Hard Purple 98A.

      Note: The X-Soft White Bushings are 73-A hardness, designed for light discipline and lightweight skaters.

    • Riptide – APS Bushings – FatCone


      Sold as Pair with Large Flat Washers & a Sticker

      Available Durometers: 67.5a (red), 70a (purple), 75a (green), 80a (orange), 85a (blue), 87.5a (pink), 90a (yellow), 92.5a (dark blue), 95a (dark red), 97.5a (dark green),

    • Riptide – APS Bushings – Tall Barrel


      Sold as Pair with Sticker.

      Available Durometers: 85a (blue), 87.5a (pink), 90a (yellow), 92.5a (dark blue), 95a (dark red), 97.5a (dark green),

    • Orangatang – Moose Knuckles Bushings


      Crafted for quick turning response and smooth edge-to-edge transitions, Orangatang Knuckles are the ultimate high-energy bushing upgrade for carving, pumping, dancing, and freestyle longboarding.

      Orange = Soft
      Purple = Medium

      What’s in the box? Pack contains two insert barrel bushings, two gumdrop bushings, two large cup washers, and two small cup washers.

      Diameter: 0.95” (24.1 mm)
      Height (gumdrop): 0.64” (16.3 mm)
      Height (inset barrel) 0.59” (15 mm) barrel + 0.075” (1.91 mm) insert = 0.665” (16.9 mm) total
      Formula: Randy Thane
      Durometers: soft (orange, 87a), medium (purple, 90a)

      Soft: 65-190+ lbs / 29-86+ kg
      Medium: 130-230+ lbs / 59-104+ kg

    10. Flatspot Bucket Hat… It’s going to be sunny and hot and when you’re not wearing your helmet, you’re going to want to cover your head. Bucket hats are made for the job. Pro tip: Happy Hour sunglasses…

      We will leave you with this video from one summer when Mischa, Slota, Aidan, Evan and Shane we drove to giants head and primarily skated everything else around it because the gate was closed.



      If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email at, message us on facebook, or call at 604 899 8937!


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