Get Loaded with Flatspot: Stoke Bonus – Week 3

It’s that time once again to announce our next Stoke Bonus for our month long Get Loaded sale. Week 3 looks to stoke out your next purchase a new deck.

The Get Loaded Sale has been a great month so far with plenty of ways to score some free gear. Week 3 means we’re half way through and we turn our focus to decks. Doesn’t matter what kind, all deck purchases over $50 will get getting our weekly stoke bonus!

The Week 3 Stoke Bonus (Dec. 11th – 17th)

Deck purchases over $50 receive FREE Grip

Deck purchases $125 receive FREE Grip & Flatspot Tool

Deck purchases $175 receive FREE Grip, Flatspot Tool and Bearings

Inventory, sales and promotional items are limited to act fast before they’re gone!

Shop decks now!

The weekly “Stoke Bonus” is a great way to score yourself some free gear on your order. If you’re looking to add even more stoke to your order be sure to check what our daily “Double Double” is. The daily “Double Double” is a featured item of the day that also includes a promotional item when you order it! The weekly “Stoke Bonus” changes each Sunday at midnight (PST), and the “Double Double” changes every day. Be sure to check back each week to see what we’re offering!

And don’t forget we’re also including an entry to our Custom Flatspot Camping Knife Giveaway with every order placed during the month of December. We’ve hand made the handle of this knife from recycled skateboards and is a one of a kind item any skateboarder would be stoked to have!


Check out the full lineup of Flatspot gear available for the holidays. Every skater needs Flatspot gear and it’s a proven fact of skateboard science it increases your skill level by 15-20%

  • Coast Longboarding Upcycled COVID Mask – DBX Blame Coast


    Coast Longboarding Upcycled COVID Masks have been created by @Clever_Little_Stitch and Flatspot to help support Coast Longboarding, The Church of Skatan and the Highlands Hostel. Selection is limited.

    Each mask is unique. These masks are hand made and upcycled. Each mask will have a front panel matching the product image, but the color / graphic of the backer (inside) and straps may vary as they are from recycled materials. Please select the mask you want by selecting the specific product and the appropriate size, Small or Large. **If you want a custom XS or XL mask please message us.

    There are 5 variations of masks, be sure to select the one you want. What you buy is what you get! When they are sold out they are sold out.

    1. DBX Coast Logo
    2. DBX Blame Coast
    3. DBX Danger Bay Nightmare
    4. DBX Nightmare Block Text
    5. DB12 Coast Half Wheel
    6. DB12 Hand
    7. DB12 Wheel Pile

    ** Select In Store Pick Up to pick up in Vancouver at Flatspot.

    Mask can be secured multiple ways. Tie them how you want. Tie two loops, one on each side and they can be looped over the ears. This can be secured further so it doesn’t come off by tying the remaining strapping around the back of the head. Or we also like tying it over the head and around the next.

If you’re looking for something else or more gift ideas, be sure to check the full selection products in our store. We’ve got one of Canada’s largest selection of decks, completes, wheels, trucks and accessories ready to ship worldwide.


If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email at, message us on facebook, or call at 604 899 8937!

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