#FlatspotDeckofTheDay: Madrid Explosion

The Madrid Explosion Deck was a team model from 1983 which quickly became one of most recognizable Madrid boards on the market.


The Madrid Explosion comes in at 9.875″ wide and 29.875″ long, with a standard wheelbase of 16″. So basically its a boat. To make things extra fun we thought it would be worth throwing some S9 Double Wides on there for extreme traction. Either way, this board is designed complete around fun. It says “Concave” on the graphic as though there was some, but 1983 concave isn’t quite as prominent as that new fangled contemporary stuff kids are riding these days. Regardless, gnab a deck like this (but preferably specifically this one) and shred like your broken old uncle once did! Also – The artwork was done by celebrated skate artist Bernie Tostenson.


Deck are cool but they are nothing without gear!




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