#FlatspotDeckofTheDay: Comet Ethos 38 Complete

The Comet Ethos 38 Complete is a fantastic all round ripper made to tackle all the features you can find!

The Comet Ethos series are made to be highly versatile. Wide enough with steep concave to handle speed and freeriding. With a fat, highly functional tail for all the pop when you need it. It is a quiver killer, jack of all trades, master of fun. If you only ever want to change bushings and wheels but not your deck, than the Comet Ethos is the way to go. It comes in three sizes, the 36″, 38″ and 40″. To keep in the spirit of in -between do everything we went for the 38″ for this set up!



  • Zealous – Ceramic Bearings


    Ceramic Balls
    -Ceramic balls are lighter, stiffer, smoother and naturally corrosion resistant. This means we can use a lower viscosity lubricant which makes them fast right out of the tube.
    – Precision 8mm axle holes
    – .4045″ built in spacers
    – .5mm built in speedrings
    – Strengthened Nylon Ball Retainers
    – White rubber seals to keep dirt and debris on the outside of the bearing.
    – Lubed with Custom Nanoceramic Grease
    -The unique feature of our lubricant is how the nanoceramic compound fills in deformations or asperities in the bearing. These deformations cause friction and heat around them which hardens the nano-ceramic compound to that specific area. This micro coating is 5 times the hardness of the host alloy and has a molecular bond with the host metal, filling in all the asperities and eliminating friction over time.
    -The coefficient of friction is the lowest in the field of Tribology at 0.003% creating a near frictionless surface. Mainly because the nanoceramic compound eliminates all asperities.
    -Corrosion on the inside of the bearing is nearly eliminated.

    Sold in sets of 8 bearings.





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