Flatspot Team Riders Featured In Landyachtz Local Mini Ramp Video

Flatspot team riders Dave Helmer, Troy Yardwaste Grenier and Kyle Wein all happen to also ride Landyachtz. Landyachtz has a sweet mini ramp for their team and took advantage of some of their sessions to put together a banger mini ramp edit.

From landyachtz:
This ramp hasn’t seen much use now that it’s warm and sunny outside but during the cold winter months there are a lot of late night sessions happening here. This gives you and idea of how the crew keeps busy when the weather isn’t cooperating.

Check out the full line-up of Landyachtz here at Flatspot.

Les Robertson

Les Robertson

Papa Les at Flatspot
Papa Les has been skating, promoting and building the downhill community for many moons. Once a skate dad to many, he is now a real dad to his own spawn and spends more time in Vancouver behind a computer than he once was on the road in a Van. Helping lead the charge at Flatspot and Skate Slate, he continues to encourage everyone to skate as much as possible and always remember #walkingisforchumps.
Les Robertson

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