Flatspot Longboards x Team Pizza: Mario Kart Death Match 2015

With all the garage racing going on, we pay respect to our local legendary parkade race – The Mario Kart Death Match.

This race is very similar in format to Mario Kart 64. Five garages are raced, and the racers with the most points from the five races are declared the winner. Each garage race is a full contact chinese downhill! Racers are encouraged to bring obstacles or (non life threatening) weapons to use against their opponents. There is oil, inflatable bats, fireworks, and basically anything you can think of.

We hope you enjoy the 2015 Mario Kart Death Match recap!

1. Chase Johnson & Riley Harris
2. Brian Choi
3. Jenia Mile

Thanks to Team PIZZA for all the good times!

Film: Alex Mof, Brad Sakawsky and Sam Blaiz
Edit: Alex Mof

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