The Cribb Bomb’s Last Free Sully – Recap

The Cribb Bomb is about to be replaced, and Strike’s move to the east and the grand opening of the Church of Skatan is imminent. This trip was on the threshhold for a lot of change!

So on tuesday night I was making a sammich when Les told me I would be going on the Cribb the next morning for what I thought would be roughly 3 days (it was actually 7). About an hour after that I was at techslide tuesday and made a perfect reverse taco with my hand. I looked like Micky Mouse the next day with a giant round palm and little sausage fingers. No skateboarding for me I guess. Luckily for all of you that means there are all kinds of photos from the trip.

Day 1 started at 9am at the stoop. We picked up our flats of Cariboo on our way out of town, and hit the road! That night we slept by a river. I went for a hammock. Best to save the bunks for when you really need em.

Day 2 involved more hill bombing than day one. And ended in Kimberly at Jody’s house! We spent some much needed time by a river panning for gold. It wasn’t even remotely lucrative but it was highly rejuvenating. As was watching strike bomb hills barefoot! This was a lovely and nostalgic sight that I got to witness a lot over this trip. Troy Grenier brought his kendama, which proved to be a bountiful source of sanity on the trip.
One of the highlights of Day 2 was stopping in at an old farmhouse of a hoarder who lived inside of one huge, never ending, yard sale. Almost everyone walked away with something cool that was 20 years older than them. I got a blanket cause my Hammock was too cold for the mountains.


Day 3 We woke up at Jody’s house after managing to run out of cariboo the night before. Then we went into town, got food, fuel gas more beer and started to mentally prepare for the CLYDESDALE MEMORIAL RACE. This race is in memory of a man named Clydesdale. In kimberly he used to push massive distances with a backpack full of beer. Across town, up a mountain, didn’t matter. He was a legend for his dedication to pushing and drinking. Would have loved to meet the dude. You really have to hear Jody describe him though. Rules of the Race (as best remembered) – Show up with a 12 pack to enter the race. – Push around the lake – Drink 8 beers – Sit in “the chair” before puking to win (see pictures for details.)


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Day 4 was rough for whoever was in the clydesdale. And the first thing in the morning was ANOTHER RACE: the Bowl Smoker. You have to get the fastest time pumping a line in the local bowl. Dylan Cooke won with a epic local steezey line. Winning time was 19.1 seconds. Apparently Casey Morrow still has the fastest time around 18 seconds. I didn’t get many photos because I arrived late (the cribb left me at a cafe downtown while I was uploading photos), and attempted to compete with someone elses board (left mine due to balloon hand). After that we chilled, and striker took a faucet bath in front of the seniors centre. It was awesome. It looked so refreshing that most of us jumped in after. Then back to July Fest! Which is a local Bocce competition that turns into a concert at night. Striker got on stage played a few songs with the band!

Day 5 was race day! The race was AWESOME! It was a complete scorcher, but everyone raced really well. Event went down super smoothly. Except for when the course had water poured in the final corner. . . Hugh better watch out for next year. There are about 20 people ready to sabotage just about anything and everything about his life. He might be on the same list as chapman now. . . . Overall it was a great day, and all sorts of homies came out to support! Congrats to Flatspot Team rider Troy Grenier for taking first place and a huge thank you to Jody for holding such a banger race!

Day 6 meant that it was the last day of the Cribb Bombs last trip to Free Sully. Its a little sad. But the trip was amazing, and although it wouldn’t be repeated, that doesn’t mean the Sully wont still be awesome. Nothing could really take away how fantastic the Float down the slocan was that morning. The last day of the trip was definitely the longest. Potentially the bestest too. We woke up on the edge of the Slocan River and immediately blew up air rafts and spent 5 hours floating down the river. (no photos due to incompatibility between camera’s and water) Once we were all starving and extremely sunburnt, it was time to get back on the road! Brake checks were bombed and food was eaten. Not long after that we met up with VICE PRODUCTIONS! Which is exciting and big news. Looks like those guys are interested in mountain bombing and all the work Striker has done with Coast Longboarding over the years. Hopefully they got good results from the day! This trip wouldn’t have been nearly as epic without all the lovely people on the Bomb: Thomas Moyer Ben Bastin Cody Yardwaste Baier Michael YW Bridge Troy Grenier Wes Sampson, Mitchel Kaemmer and Bam Bam. And big thanks goes out to John Barnet for fixing us on the road and Gareth T Thompson for hosting our last night on his beautiful farm. And without a doubt, the biggest applause goes to Striker, for all his years of dedication and hard work. Wouldn’t be here without you!


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And last but not least. Here is a photo of me, experiencing overwhelming amounts of satisfaction as I drink and smoke my way down the slocan river on the last day. It was divine in a bad-habbit kind of way.

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