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S9 Lighting Travel Bags

Today these epic travel bags from Sector nine rolled in the door. Doesn’t matter if you are going to the European race circuite or down south marryhill, this bag is made for skaters leaving their warm and comfortable homes to go release their shreddency on the world. 



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The TALISMAN from Boz Boards

This board is a well tuned and seemless combination of many fantastic freeride features. Which is a complicated way of saying that its awesome.

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You know all those things that you like about you? Your personality, sense of humor, your memories etc. Well those are all kept in this mushy ball in your head, and if you shake it up, it gets scrambled and then you are NOT you anymore. Scary eh? That being said, WEAR A GOD DAM HELMET. 

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NEW SHIPMENT! Longboard Larry *Custom Chupacabras!*


So we asked for a variety of graphics on the Chupacabras we ordered, and we were not disapointed. Larry knows how to make a board pop.

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NEW SHIPMENT! Rotule Longboards

These boards come hand made out of the cold depths of Quebec. They are stiff, responsive, and can take a beating. The east coast is renouned for making some of the stiffest maple boards for going fast, Rotule is the east at its best. 

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NEW SHIPMENT! Elephant Skateboards

Lest just take a moment to appreciate Mike V. The man behind this brand, the man who got picked up by power peralta while skating a parking lot beside a vert ramp. A man who released several albums and still hucks larger than most. A man, who achieved what any man could ever want, to live on forever in Tony Hawk Pro Skater video games. 

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