Best of Bad Decisions Alex October 2016

This months best of the worst decision making in downhill is ready to help remind you to think twice about how you skate!

There’s nothing better than other people making mistakes the hard way so you don’t have to. Not only is this video highly entertaining, but its a great list of “Do Nots” in downhill. Don’t go in the opposing lane, don’t get speed wobbles, and definitely don’t fall off your board! If you do fall off your board – make sure not to break your fall with your face, as the end of the edit will make abundantly clear. A few more spotters might be nice too. That being said, we hope Alex keeps on capturing the incredible mistakes and oversights of DH skaters for years to come, this shit is too good! We are particularly fond of this edit because it features our team rider Sho Ouellette riding his Valhalla Pro-Model board, the Sho Stopper.



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