25% OFF Sector 9 – Smashed Glass Sale

Some say the glass is half full, others half empty – all we know is, our glass got smashed!! We were not planning a Black Friday Sale, and we definitely did not plan this sale either. We have continued adding great deals to our clearance section of the website and planned to drop a few deals over the holidays, but we have glass bills to pay now, not later, so here we are…

…we’re offering 25% off ALL Sector 9 for the whole week!! Be sure to use code 25SECTOR9 at check out until Friday. Read more to find out…

We gave Landyachtz a lot of crap for running a brand direct sale on Black Friday (typically reserved for retail shops) and competing with us, their shop partner. But truth be told, Sector 9 did the very same thing. When a brand drops 20% off, they are still making more margin on each item than if they had sold it to shops. It’s frustrating because we already bought the goods, and don’t have the margins the brands do to make deep cuts. We have never felt the need to liquidate. We’re not a fashion or clothing store. And we don’t sell Winter gear.  Skateboards and longboards aren’t going out of style. In fact some of the past models are more sought after. Again, when we want to move it out, we just add it to the clearance section here.

Necessity is the mother of all things, or something like that? With 4 smashed windows and a 5th with a small hole already in it, we have been forced to replace some glass. It ain’t cheap! We had hoped the Black Friday sale would make it for us, but we’re still short and the holidays are going by fast! So if Sector 9 thinks 20% off will entice people to buy, buy, buy, we’re going to go deeper and offer 25% off.

All Sector 9 completes, decks, Gullwing  trucks, and Sector 9 wheels are on sale now for 25% off!! Use code 25SECTOR9 at check out. *Everything else is 10% off.

Not only can you get Sector 9 and Gullwing at 25% off, but the rest of the website is 10% off, all week, ending Friday, December 10th. Which should also leave plenty of time for shipping to most places, for those of you who want to get this by Christmas. Additionally, if you are shipping within Canada, we will offer a Free upgrade on all Regular Packages to Expedited to get it there faster and include Free Tracking and Insurance (*Offer for Canadian orders only. Upgrade from Regular to Expedited only.). Just remember, supply chains and shipping are bonkers right now, so order soon if you want it under the tree.

Like we said last time, we can’t be beat!!! Even by corporate overlords who can literally go swimming in money. Or smashed windows because our shop is located in the poorest area code in so called Canada. If we’re going to make it out of Winter alive, we’re going to need to move all this Sector 9 now! If Sector 9 wants to sell it all off so cheaply, so badly, we will too!!!

All Sector 9 completes, decks, Gullwing  trucks, and Sector 9 wheels are on sale now for 25% off!! Use code 25SECTOR9 at check out.*Everything else is 10% off.

Not seeing what you’re looking for or having trouble with check out, just connect with us by DM, Email, Phone, etc. Just want a discount and don’t want anything Landyachtz, cool, use code: SMASHEDGLASS10. Everything on the website is on sale, get all the details here.

If you haven’t found what you’re looking for, be sure to check out our full selection in our web store. We’ve got one of Canada’s largest selection of decks and completes ready to ship worldwide.


If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email at info@flatspotlongboards.com, message us on facebook, or call at 604 899 8937!

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