Flatspot Longboards – Zealous Bearings

Zealous bearings have quickly become known as some of the best and most reliable bearings. Capable of dealing with serious side loads and staying fast despite a little rain.

Zeal: Enthusiastic devotion to a cause (such as skating), or goal (like learning to hold out that slide), and tireless diligence in its furtherance.

Zealous Bearings eliminate the possibility of losing your spacers or speedrings because they conveniently come built in!

Zealous bearings also have Archoil Nanoceramic Grease inside that fills in minor deformations. The deformation causes friction and heat around it which hardens the special lubricant to that area, helping to fix it and extend the life of the bearing. One thing you may find is that these bearings have a “break-in” period. After about two weeks of skating you will find they perform best.

Zealous bearings are super affordable, durable and are manufactured by a company who has had years of skating experience. There isn’t a whole lot more one can ask of a bearing.


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