Will Smallwood Welcome to the Arbor Team [VIDEO]

Congrats to Flatspot Team Rider Will Smallwood for his new position on the Arbor Team! Stoked to see him on such quality product.

Will Smallwood throws down hard for this edit. There is one special clip that you need to keep your eyes out for. Its at a magical place called bonus round. Its down a thin, steep windy path that splits off into a righty hairpin on the right hand side, and a little side driveway on the righthand side. The drop out of that driveway is some of the most disgusting, cheese grater, pot hole infested, nasty remnants of what was once concrete. There are flowers growing out of it. Needless to say, the line he took down that chunderfest is utterly absurd. The whole video is rad, but that line is exceptionally memorable. Frankly his hands down 360 into toeside no-comply 360 slide is also burly. Its all good, just watch it! Twice.


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