Will Smallwood Skates Blacks – Skatehouse Media – Flatspot Longboards

Will Smallwood took a break from the almost perpetual wetness that was this winter. It was definitely worth while, and this is one of the many epic edits to come out of that trip.

Blacks is an absolutely legendary hill. There is a surf spot at the bottom, and doesn’t seem to have any cars on it. Honestly haven’t been there, but from the looks of it, thats an epic hill. And there are many chances to get a look at it. The Skatehouse Media dudes have filmed more than a few sweet edits there. The consistent spot and huge diversity of riders filmed on it lets the style show through the basic necessities of skating a hill. Will isn’t the only person to prefer to ride feathers on this hill either. In any case, go to Skatehouse Media and watch the full edit:¬†Click here or Click the image bellow!

Will rides for Rad Wheels, Arbor Skateboards and Paris Trucks. And oh boy do we have some super extremely exciting news for you. That epic gear is available on our online store!


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