Tyler Topping Photo Gallery and Print Sale

Tyler Topping is coming to town for Splash 4 Cash weekend and we’re hosting a photo gallery and print sale with him at the shop!

Tyler has spent a bunch of time in BC and at Coast events this past summer and taken a ton of banger photos across the NorAm events as a whole. Probably a couple shots of you too, if you were at some of the events!

Come check out his display and help support a skater artist!

Check out his Maryhill Free For All Gallery:

** Heading to Splash for Cash 2018 November 11?! It is definitely possible to stop by Flatspot Longboard Shop and say hi before heading to the coast!

Ferries Leave Horseshoe Bay (Vancouver)
5:30 pm Daily
7:50 pm Daily
10:55 pm Daily
Here’s the schedule: http://www.bcferries.com/m/schedules/mainland/vasc-current.php

It takes about 30-40 mins to go from Flatspot to Horseshoe Bay by car, here’s directions: https://goo.gl/maps/VdgN5BnMnCP2

Hope to see you at the shop!

Les Robertson

Les Robertson

Papa Les at Flatspot
Papa Les has been skating, promoting and building the downhill community for many moons. Once a skate dad to many, he is now a real dad to his own spawn and spends more time in Vancouver behind a computer than he once was on the road in a Van. Helping lead the charge at Flatspot and Skate Slate, he continues to encourage everyone to skate as much as possible and always remember #walkingisforchumps.
Les Robertson

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