Tuesday Techslide Photo Album January 2017 – Flatspot Longboards

Tuesday is likely the most boringest day of the week. Unless of course you come SHRED AT TECHSLIDE TUESDAY!

Lets not kid ourselves. Techsliding is a pretty niche form of skateboarding. It doesn’t happen all that often in Canada or the US. Techsliding is the most prevalent in Brazil, which hosts the most talented and terrifying techslide skaters in the world. But that doesn’t mean we don’t have a few sleeper cells here in Vancouver! Rock hard wheels downhill in any weather conditions, and at just about every single freeride event we have the chance. If you want to go sideways, push yourself to explore technical tricks, or just want to try sliding hard wheels, than come join us for a Tuesday Techslide Session!

Meet at Inter River Rd. in North Vancouver, any Tuesday, at 7pm! 

Photos thanks to Les Robertson.

Techslide Tuesday die hard Cullen Arbuckle helps make sure sessions pop off every Tuesday.

Karson Leigh with the layback steez. Also a die hard regular Tuesday Techslider.

In order to slide down, one must walk up. Fortunately there’s homies to chat with. Mischa, Danny and Harlen ascend.

Danny Smith gets ethereal sometimes

Harlen Terjesen working the blunt.

Cullen Arbuckle goes for a rapid nose blunt!

Slides are just about having fun. Ettienne understands.

Danny with the enjoys blunts, hands down.

Andy grant up the curb and hungry for sidewalk lines.

Andy Grant with the switch sidewalk mob.

Danny Don’t does, while the crew lurks the top ensuring utmost safety for all.

Olivier Bashonga rocking some fresh Yee Haw and a mean mug. Oh Wow!

Mischa making fearless work of the frontside blunt.

Tarro is a dog!

Join us on Tuesdays! If you need some gloves, or a helmet, or even a tech slide setup, we have some gear to lend you. Come have some fun. Techslide Tuesdays are always on our Facebook event page and you can always message us, or call, or come by.

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