The Homies 2016 Best Of

The groms of a few years ago are now the hill crushings beasts of today! The Homies are a local Vancouver troupe, and just wait, we bet you’ll see them on more than a few podiums in 2017.

The Homies did a killer job of covering the globe this year. There are clips in this edit from japan, colombia, california, BC of course, and even the european race circuit. Which is fucking rad. Wanna see how skateboarding takers people places? Well, there you go, its right there. This group of skaters has used skateboarding to both enjoy their local geography and community, and to travel the world! So hats off to you guys, for just generally killing it.



Sho Ouellette
Rides for Valhalla, Paris, Orangatang, S1, Ojoom, Flatspot Longboards

Will Smallwood
Rides for Arbor, Paris, Rad Wheels, Flatspot Longboards

Josh Maceachern
Rides for Rayne Longboards, Flatspot Longboards

Tyller Gillingham
Rides for Arbor, Paris, Sector 9 Wheels

David Dabic
Rides for fun!

Alex Charleson
Rides for Original, Aera, These

Anthony Kong
Rides for Loaded, Orangatang

Ken Komatsu
Rides for Orangatang and Loaded.c

Clayton Arthurs
Rides for Rayne Longboards and Wheels

Sam Randal
Rides for Sector 9



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