(almost) FREE STICKERS (that cost 1$, and two stamps and envelopes.)

Step by step instructions on how to get stickers, and why an email wont cut it.


You want stickers? We want to give you stickers too! OMG what a coincidence!!!

So to get stickers, you gonna have to fulfill a extremely minor task. 

The other thing that we need to send you some sweet stickers, is a SASE (self addressed stamped envelope) aaaaand $1 (that we give to grom we make to do this stuff). This is how to make a SASE: take one envelope and put your address and a stamp on it, and place it in another (larger) envelope with a stamp on it + one dollar, and send that larger (full) envelope to us.

Make sure to put a stamp on the SASE you send us, or we will be unable to mail it back. 

SASE exploded


This photo is an opened view of what we need sent to us. A stamped envelope addressed to Flatspot containing a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope & $1. If you aren’t from Canada, that’s okay, send us a dollar or dollar equivalent from your homeland!






SASE packed

In this photo you can observe how the the SASE and dollar are carefully inserted into the envelope ready to goto Flatspot. Make sure to avoid cutting your tongue when licking the envelope. And try not to pee in the mailbox, although its irresistibly funny, its also gross.






Then, in a short but undisclosed period of time, you will receive your self addressed envelope filled with stickers! Think of us like the tooth fairy and the envelope is your pillow, and tooth fairy money as stickers. The sooner you look for that money, the more disappointed you will be. So be patient, young grasshopper, for patience is a virtue and with time comes wisdom and reward.

And remember, never let the dove fly after sundown, unless you want to face the water. 

Peace love and gnar,