Skeleton Key MFG – Truck Copers – Flatspot Longboards

Sometimes curbs are just chundery to slappy, or the pool coping is lacking sauce. Luckily Skeleton Key is bringing back an age old coping mechanism.

These little pvc wonder tubes jam right overtop of your truck hanger, and make even the least suitable surface a buttery oasis of grinds. Its no longer necessary for a curb to be painted, and no worries if your forgot your wax. This shit slips on just about anything. But lets be honest, there is absolutely nothing even remotely new about truck copers. We are completely ignorant to when they were actually invented, but its probably right around the same time people started grinding their trucks. But until Skeleton Key MFG starting pumping these out, we really had no clue how to make these available. Now they are in our store, and you can either order them online or swing by a gnab a set!

You want to be sure you set them up right, otherwise they may be¬†short lived. Do not put them on already ground flat trucks. The copers are circular, and need to rest on something else that is also equivalently circular. Otherwise they will lack structural support and explode after a few grinds (we learned this the hard way, derp). You may also need to sand the copers to make sure they fit your hangers appropriately. These copers are 5.25″ wide and are made to fit any truck between 149mm and 169mm (we threw them on some 144mm indies and they looked pretty good though. . .). The disclaimer on the Skeleton Key website states that “there is no guarantee of how long they will last.” So make sure to pay attention to the details when you are setting them up (They they aren’t bending too much, they they fit snug, that they aren’t loose etc.), and make sure to order a second set!

    We gave a set of Copers to team rider Danny Smith and he had no trouble at all getting a solid two car lengths of smooth and effortless slappy pretty much instantly. He was stoked. And if Danny approves, we approve.

    If you have any questions please feel free to shoot us an email at, message us on facebook, or call at 604 899 8937!


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