Sho Ouellette X Paris Truck Co: Shocal Sessions Raw Run

Flatspot team rider Sho Ouellette took to the hills of California with Alex Colorito for the ShoCal Sessions video and dropped a beauty of a raw run with us for some bonus footage.

Paris Trucks has been treating our boy Sho right, and he has been making the most of each an every moment in Cali. That means skating down all the hills and stacking all the clips. When the roads are that good and its all sun outside that isn’t a difficult thing. For more shocal goodness click here.

We can’t sell you Sho’s steeze in a bottle. He wont let us refine it and mass produce it. Guess the kid believes everyone should practice hard or something. We offered him massive amounts of money, but he just wasn’t down. But hey, you can still ride the same epic trucks he does! Check out our selection bellow.

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