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The latest shipment of root boards is absolutely amazing. We highly suggest you take a look at their latest boards.

If you haven’t heard of root boards, its likely because they are based out of Germany. If you have heard of them its because they are rad and their team hits a lot of events. Root Longboards opened in 2008 and has been using snowboard technology ever since to improve the quality of their boards. Each board has a custom core depending on the style of ride, which in wrapped in epoxy and fibreglass. They stand up to rain, are light because of the composites and keep their flex.

As you will see, whoever is designing boards over at root has a serious appreciation for wood grains. Each board has a unique veneer with prominent and striking grain patters. Not two boards are alike. We were lucky enough to get boards from their Burnt Series. It would be wrong to say that these boards don’t have a graphic, burning the veneer brings out the colors and grains.

    For Dancing Root has two fantastic options. The moby dick and the Burnt Satyr 108. Both very similar in dimensions, and suitable for dancing. The Moby Dick is a refreshing breath of air when its comes to kicktails. They are steep and tall and make this deck capable of getting some actual pop. Luckily both the boards have a snappy flex and a super light construction. Making finicky adjustments and whipping the board around much easier.

    If you don’t want as much of a boat but don’t want to rule out some flatland freestyle and some sliding, than the Satyr Series is a great option. All the Satyrs are symmetrical. The topmount Satyr 100 and shorter Satyr 89 both have a micro drop and wheel flares along with kicks. Both of which are off the same mold, so if you want a shorter more comptact kicktails go with the 89. If you want a little more umph to your pop go with the 100. The Satyr Drop through also functions super nicely as a cruiser/commuter.



      Root’s downhill boards are something else. With impressive consistency they make complex yet comfortable concave profiles that suite a wide variety of riding styles. All their downhill boards are super stiff and make for smooth predictable sliding and cornering. If you have a chance to come into the store to stand on one, you definitely should. These bends are made for tucking. Since I spent all afternoon oogling over these boards taking photos of them, I’m gonna have to tell you about my favorites. Sorry.

      The Bughuul is everything a top mount single kick should be. Simple, stiff, with a wide, prominent and squared off kicktail. Wheel wells are always a plus, always. And frankly the tub concave upfront is just plain comfy the pockets at the back appeal to what I think of as the simpler pleasures of concave.

      But for straight mobbing, and breaking out the fullface I would have to try out the Sebastian Hertler Shark first. Not only is Sebastian Herlter a total G, this board is pretty cool too. Its got a lot of fancy concave things going on. Instead of trying over explain it, I’ll just say that there are two big foot shaped dishes that feel great. You should probably just look at pictures of the boards, its the best way to get an idea of what they are all about.

        Last but not least – THE DEATH WITCHER SERIES – we would show you all the boards, but we sold one. They are hard to keep on the shelves! Just look at them, they are begging to slappy curbs and rip pools. The 9.0″ wide board would make a legendary pool ripper but an even more legendary techslide deck.




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