Rocket – Linum 106 Flex 2 – Deck

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Length: 41.7in / 106 cm
Width: 9.25in
Wheelbase: 24.4in – 25.6in / 62 – 65 cm
Flex 1: 50 – 85 kg

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  • Description


    The Linum is a light modern dancer with a lot of hidden gimmicks. It has a continuous progressive rocker which merges directly into the kicks. Thanks to the combination of cnc’d wheel wells and flares the board has an amazing wheel clearance.

    The big innovation hides in the Naturalite construction. The mix of bamboo with a hollow core, carbon and natural flax fibers makes it super light. Cross-ply bamboo inserts on nose and tail guarantee some extra protection.

    We deliberately hide all the carbon fibers inside the board. Only flax fibers touch the edges. This gives you all the advantages of a fiber reinforced board, like a longer life span and a snappy flex. But unlike glass fibers, flax fibers don’t chip when they get damaged. With the Linum, glass splinters in your fingers are a thing of the past.

    The Linum comes in two lengths and in two flex options each. Choose the 116 for more space to dance on or the 106 for a more agile freestyle tool.

    Flex 1: 70 – 100 kg
    Flex 2: 50 – 85 kg

    Length: 45.6in
    Width: 9.25in
    Wheelbase: 28.3in-29.5in
    Material: Certified bamboo, natural flax fiber, carbo fiber, embossed ABS topsheet

  • Additional information

    Additional information

    Weight15 lbs
    Dimensions50 × 10 × 5 in