Earthwing Skateboards started in the mid 90’s while founder Brian Petrie worked at PSNY Skateshop in 6th and west 4th in NYC. The idea started by shaping broken shop snowboards into little slalom, sprinting, and carving decks. He wanted more options and styles and more than just wood. Brian’s war was on. his first Earthwing was made in April of 1998. It was a carver wrapped in s-glass, Baltic birch top and bottom veneers, v-lam balsa core, and even some thin woven stainless steel fabric of all things.

Through the years, Brian researched, executed, refined, built, and collected more tools, designed tools and presses etc… He ended up turning his tiny Brooklyn apartment into a small working factory and spent all his money on skateboard production. It was bananas in there. D.I.Y If you want it bad enough, you will figure it out. Whatever works.

That ethos and all the blood, sweat, and beers that went into the Earthwing of old, has now been revitalized with new, younger blood. Taking the reigns from Brian out East, Californian David Townsend, has brought the heart of Earthwing to SoCal and is mixing the old with the new. Still D.I.Y., still Skater or Die. Earthwing remains true to its roots, but is ready to take on new life for the future.

  • Earthwing – Blunt 33 – Deck


    Earthwing Skateboards – Blunt 33 – Longboard Deck

    The Blunt 33 is a boxy street-oriented deck featuring mellow concave and a 14.75″ wheelbase. This this deck is lightweight and comfortable for the average rider while still being a perfect option for pool and park riding! Pair it with 149mm (New School Mounting) trucks and small park wheels for massive pop thanks to the oversized kicktails! Or pop on soft cruiser wheels without fear of wheelbite thanks to the 2 ply deep wheel wells!

    Cruise this deck through the city or to the skate park!

    Length – 8.5″
    Width – 33″
    Wheelbase – 14.75″
    Features – 7 Ply Great Lakes Maple

  • Earthwing – Blunt 35 – Deck


    Earthwing Skateboards – Blunt 35 – Longboard Deck

    The Blunt 35 is a Tech Slide oriented double kick with loads of concave and versatility in mind! Built with big boxy tails and named after the iconic blunt slide, this deck gives you that bit of extra room you want from a tech slide board without adding too much weight or unwanted length. It’s not too big for the pool or park but still big enough to tackle a decent sized hill! With Tech slide coming back into trend it’s the perfect time to pick one of these up!

    You’ll have a Great time slip n sliding your way down the local session spot!

    Length – 9″
    Width – 35″
    Wheelbase – 16.75″
    Features – 7 Ply Great Lakes Maple

  • Earthwing – Blunt FR – Deck


    Earthwing Skateboards – Blunt FR – Longboard Deck

    Length – 9.3″
    Width – 35″
    Wheelbase – 21.5 – 23.75″
    Features – 9 Ply Great Lakes Maple

  • Earthwing – Thruster 36 Blue – Deck


    Earthwing Skateboards – Thruster 36 Blue – Longboard Deck

    Length – 9.75″
    Width – 36″
    Wheelbase – 17 – 19″
    Features – 7 Ply Great Lakes Maple

  • Earthwing – Hoopty R – Deck


    Earthwing Skateboards – Hoopty R – Longboard Deck

    The graphic is inspired by a mix of motorsport racing and the signature skate deck art of Jonny “Thriller” Miller – Slalom legend!.

    Length – 9.1″
    Width – 33″
    Wheelbase – 22 – 23″
    Features – Stiff Flex: 8 Ply Maple + Composite Top and Bottom
    Features – 9Ply Maple, radial concave

  • Earthwing – Hoopty Wide Body 34 – Deck


    Earthwing Skateboards – Hoopty Wide Body 34 – Longboard Deck

    If you’re into fast downhill and a simple concave with tons of leverage, this is the race car you want! This deck gives you options in a simple, sleek and affordable package!!

    *Recommend using 1/8″ risers for wheels larger than 75mm.

    Length – 9.875″
    Width – 34″
    Wheelbase – 23.5 – 26″
    Features – 9Ply Maple, radial concave

  • Earthwing – Chaser 32 – Deck


    Earthwing Skateboards – Chaser 32 – Longboard Deck

    We made this board for anyone who needs a compact cruiser option with versatility built in!

    Length – 8.375″
    Width – 32″
    Wheelbase – 16″ – 18″
    Features – Mild Kick, gentle flares

  • Earthwing – Camino Killer 37 White – Deck


    Earthwing Skateboards – Camino Killer 37 White – Longboard Deck

    Length – 9.875″
    Width – 37″
    Wheelbase – 20.75″-22.75″
    Features – Rocker, Flares, Mild W, Huge rear kick and a small snubby front kick