• DarkSpeed Slide Pucks


    Darkspeed Slide Pucks are beveled to allow avoid snags, and made of an ultra durable material with a near frictionless slide and next to no wear. Anticipate your pucks to outlast multiple pairs of gloves with these bad boys.

    The Velcro is heavy duty, and affixed to the puck with epoxy to ensure they stick for the life of the glove. You wont find a more durable puck out there!

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  • Sector 9 – Ergo Pucks – Black


    Sector 9 – Ergo Pucks – Black

    Delrin Slide Pucks
    2 Ergo Pucks
    Heavy Duty Velcro

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  • Holesom – Bubblegum Pucks



    • Color/Smell: Soft Neon Pink pucks/bubblegum
    • Shape: Squircle (in between a square and a circle)
    • Size: 3 5/8″ side to side, 3 9/16″ corner to corner
    • Thickness: 1/2″
    • Weight: 3.15 ounces each puck
    • Material: Proprietary blend
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