• Longboard Larry – Hippo


    Length: 40″
    Width: 9.75″
    Wheelbase: 24.8-25.8″
    Flex: Stiff
    Material: Maple
    Plys: 8
    Concave: Rocker, Radial, Micro-Drop
    Concave type: Medium

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  • Longboard Larry – Old School Dancer – 50″ Custom OSD


    A custom classic 50″ OSD Old School Dancer for all the longboard fun you can have!


    Length: 50″
    Wheel Base: 34.5″
    Width: 8.5″
    Flex: Mild
    Material: Birch and Bamboo
    Plys: 16
    Concave: Radial
    Concave type: Mild
    Grip: Spray

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