• Church Of Skatan Safety Meeting Banada – Coast Longboarding


    Support Coast Longboardings latest and greatest endeavour to establish a Church of Skatan on the Cabot Trail! It’s not going to be easy, and it’s not going to be cheap. But it will be absolutely amazing.

    Striker has put in decades of passion and hard work building, facilitating and supporting the downhill longboard community here on the West Coast. Now it’s time to do the same on the east coast and tie this whole country of speed freaks together.

    These Bandana’s were made by Rookie at Safety Meeting Apparel and are epic!

    100% of the proceeds from this apparel goes straight into Striker’s hands!

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  • Flatspot Toque – Pint Sized


    Toques…or beanies or whatever else you want to call them serve many great purposes. While they look cool and keep you warm they can double as a small bag, be used to wipe sweat from your brow and even used to clean up a spill. Ultimately use them how you will.

    We’ve made a special run of pint sized toques for those babies and little ones in your life.Hook them up and guaranteed they’ll be the coolest kid on the block…or stroller.

    *Please note color of toque varies slightly from photo…especially with the Dark Navy Blue and Grey*

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  • Flatspot Toque


    Made by skaters for skaters, or anyone really. As long as they aren’t riding a scooter.

    These radtastic toques will keep your dome warm and enhance your experience of the world.

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