Pantheon Unleashes Bespoke Karma Wheels

The all new, completely unique Pantheon Longboards bespoke Karma wheels have arrived and oh wow are we impressed!! The Karma comes in an incredibly light weigh and remarkably narrow package for it’s 92mm size, while packing even more of a punch than any of the more obtuse wheels in their class. Karma’s have been completely redesign for the category and stand above and beyond what we thought we knew we wanted in a wheel.

Jeff Vyain and his team have rethought every part of the current wheel offerings and managed to do something special with the Karma. Boasting an all new core design, an optimized core to urethane ratio, the narrowest contact patch in their class and a revolutionary inside lip bulge to bring it all together just right, the Karma are scientifically just better. And did we mention they are optimized to fit all premium Pantheon Pusher decks perfectly. You can say that again!

The Karma wheel is 74a and clocks in at 92mm Diameter, 53mm Wide, with a 49mm contact patch and weighs in at 278g per wheel. There is nothing else like it.

From Pantheon – Pantheon Karma wheels are the purest example of form following function in the realm of longboard distance wheels today. Nothing about this wheel is designed without intention. Nothing is stock; everything is bespoke.

The entire wheel is cast upside down for the sake of pure performance. The core and tire were both created simultaneously from scratch with the intention of maximizing strength, grip, plushness, and speed while minimizing weight.

The proprietary urethane blend works with the wheel and core shape to maximize grip to an extent that no other tall wheel has done. It is poured in a way that no other wheel has been manufactured.

This shape was built to maximize current Pantheon distance boards to their full potential and to our deck’s tolerances, fitting streamline with our Pranayama and Trip and providing speed and vice-like grip on the Supersonic during pumping.

Diameter: 92mm
Width: 53mm
Contact Patch: 49mm
Weight: 278g each

A lot went into the development of the Karma Wheels. Here are some development notes compiled along the process.

Come check out the Karma wheels in store now or find them online at!

  • Pantheon – Karma Wheels – 92mm 74a


    Pantheon Longboards – Karma Wheels – 92mm 74a

    Diameter: 92mm
    Width: 53mm
    Contact Patch: 49mm
    Weight: 278g each

  • Pantheon – Supersonic Maple – Deck


    Pantheon Longboards – Supersonic LDP Longboard – Distance Push Deck

    See the description tab below the product images for detailed setup information.

    The deck features a mild camber between the drops and incredibly tight curvature, considering the required curves necessary to make this geometry work. And we integrate very mild versions of our crescent drops in all curvature points (even the down-curve of the de-wedged back end!) on this deck, making them stronger than boards of the past and allowing us to control where the board flexes. Our concave is mellow, as it should be, so that you’re comfortable no matter what distance you’re skating. But the curves are subtle and strong, and there are no true flat spots on the board anywhere, resulting in superb board feel.

  • Pantheon – Carbon Trip “Indian Hills” – Deck


    Pantheon – Carbon Trip “Indian Hills” – Deck

    A versatile and easy-to-ride board for distance, fitness, and freeride skating, the Carbon Trip is perfect for high-level athletes and casual riders alike. The Carbon Trip is a limited edition longboard deck from Pantheon Longboards and features the ever popular Indian Hill design by Eddie Kihm printed on a bottom layer of carbon fiber.

    Length: 33.25″ / 84.5 cm
    Width: 9″ / 22.9 cm
    Wheelbase: 27.25″ / 69.6 cm
    Profile: mustache rocker
    Weight (deck only): 3.4 lb / 1.5 kg

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