Old Child Media – Bryan Reich | First Descent – Flatspot Longboards

This is the first edit of Bryan Reich we have seen. Dude makes a solid first impression! And to top it off, he didn’t get to practice his line at all.

Skating a hill for the first time is usually pretty exciting. Depending on the hill it can be a bit intimidating. Its similar to a job interview, first impressions are everything (not that I’ve had many job interviews, let alone successful ones). If you can fluke a epic first run, the confidence alone is enough to set you up for day of epic runs. Wouldn’t be surprised if Bryan’s day went swimmingly after that. Especially if he got to skate that hill for the rest of the day, that one is a GEM. Seriously though, Old Child Media knows the right pavement to chase riders down. Apparently this run is part of a larger project of first descents – stoked to see more of these!

Bryan Reich rides for Ronin Trucks and Sector 9



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