New Powell Peralta Snakes – Flatspot Longboards

These Wheels is no more, and now the brains behind that company are releasing incredible urethane shredballs through Powell Peralta. The beginning of which is the Snake.

Powell Peralta is absorbing what it once birthed (these wheels), and the results are more than pleasing. Thankfully it will be easier to talk about wheels now that the word “these” is available again. The¬†masterminds behind the These Wheels line up is now working on the Powell Peralta DH line up. Ie. Kevin Reimer, Byron Essert and J.M. Durran. Seems as though Matt K. has also decided they are worthy of throwing sideways. Which is impressive considering he has his own freeride wheel. . . In case you were skeptical, Powell Peralta DH is a real thing. It even has an instagram page now.

What to expect from this wheel? Lots and lots of super smooth and consistent slides with a fantastic wear pattern. Its a centerset wheel with a large and highly supportive core. Its also very soft, but strangely enough doesn’t leave fat lines. Which is nice because it adds to the life of the wheel.

But the supplies are limited, so we apologize if we don’t have the full range of wheels available!

    While we were creeping around instagram to learn more about the Powell Peralta Snakes we found this absurdly epic clip. Enjoy.



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