Mark Short // Unflinching – 1 Minute Doc // By Ryan Weekly

We had the pleasure of getting to know Mark Short this past summer. Not only is he an epic skater, but artist, martial artist, and dog trainer.

Mark is an inspiring not just because of how he absolutely hucks, but because he has an honest and persistent approach to life. If there is a zen of skateboarding, Mark Short is in tune with its subtleties. And now that lucky bastard has gone to live on a tropical island with some of the most elevation per km of road in the world. He’s gonna have a blast!

Ryan Weekly did a fantastic job portraying Mark, and not only his skating, but his personality. This video is an entry for the Sony Fs7 II Competition, which could land Ryan an UTTERLY AMAZING film camera, so give it a like and a share and help a homie out!


Mark rides for Cult Wheels, which you can find bellow!

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