Mark Short – Cult Creators [VIDEO]

Mark Short has been living above the shop since Danger Bay, and we couldn’t be more stoked to have this gentleman in our life!

Its hard to describe just how OG Mark Short is. But lets put it this way; before anyone¬†knew 360’s on soft wheels were a thing, he was doing them in all four directions. And he was the only person that could do it in the UK, until he taught proteges like Will Edgecomb the ways of a skate ninja. In any case, he still shreds harder than most, and is one of the most talented artists we have ever had the pleasure of hosting.



Mark is riding the Cult Creators. Which are a stunning technical freeride wheel. They have almost zero hook up to them, loose next to no speed in their slide, and are incredibly durable. If you are just getting into freeriding you may find the cult creators to be a tad icy, but once you get the hang of them it will open up a whole new realm of tricks/possibilities that you didn’t think ever existed. The Cult Chronicals are very similar but in a smaller diameter if you have clearance issues.




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