Main Thane: Mischa Chandler Talks Rayne Wheels

Flatspot Clerk, Janitor, Marketing wing, Complaints department and rider Mischa Chandler gives us the quick and dirty his main Rayne Wheels.

Here’s a bit of a insider scoop on what Flatspot denizen and Rayne rider Mischa Chandler likes to use his Rayne Wheels for. You could say its a biased review, or that its informed by an intimate experience of the wheels. Its probably somewhere in the middle. . . Enjoy!

Wheels (in order):
Envy 62mm 98a
Envy 70mm 80a
Lust 70mm 80a

Boards these wheels were ridden on: 
Rayne Homewrecker with PNL’s or Ronins depending
Rayne Catalyst with Independent 169s

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