Liams Birthday Race

Liam Mackenzie is an angel. No really, ask anyone that has met him. Not a single negative vibe has left his body, I think he is incapable of malicious thoughts.

Liam Mackenzie is our Landyachtz rep. So whenever you get a Landyachtz Longboard from us, you can thank him! But more importantly, Liam has been a pillar of this community for a long ass time. Other fun facts about Liam are that he uses tree bark for bike fenders and he pushed across Canada one time. Birthday Races are an annual affair for him, so he is pretty well organized and has power tools on site. This event is quite possibly the chillest event to go down on the west coast, but there are still rules (all of which are awesome). We hope you enjoy this passionate edit of stoke and creativity.




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