Landyachtz 2017 Line Up – Flatspot Faves

Landyachtz has some epic new gear this year! And no, we aren’t talking about snowskates; and we’re not talking about bikes either.

The Yacht of the Land that reigns supreme is the skateboard. The all-mighty, undefineable, forever creative, skateboard. And Landyachtz makes a HUGE swath of these lovely skateboards, too many of which to talk about in depth. I just don’t have the patience to write such a fat essay to be honest. So we’re gonna review flatspots favorites!

The most visually striking and newest design in the line-up is without a doubt the stratus. Why make such a thing? Because dancing. A discipline within longboarding that has passed the tipping point of popularity. And rightfully so! Its genuinely difficult, loads of fun, exceptionally accessible. There are two stratus options. Regular and superflex. The Superflex is just that, its super flexy, and best suited to light weighted riders. One of the most remarkable aspects of these dancers is their hollowtech construction. They are light as a feather, durable as a regular board, and the best part, they look like a strained glass window when you hold them up to the light.

    The hollowtech madness doesn’t end there. The Ramathorn also benefited from a hollowtech facelift, and is now lighter, stronger, and even more versatile than before! The board is designed by Flatspot Team Rider Troy Yardwaste Grenier (but don’t look for that info on the landy site, its not listed anywhere. . . ). So by nature of us being self aggrandizing shameless promotion whores, we have to list this board as one of our top favorites in the Landy Line-up. You can downhill it, freeride it, or plow runs at the skatepark, its up to you. The hollowtech tomahawk can is basically a danceable symmetrical version of that. Both are good, it just depends how you like to roll!

      If you don’t want to spend $400+ dollars on a board, don’t worry, we wont blame you, nor will we be surprised. Not everyone wants the dankest dank, and sometimes you just need to get from A to B. Landy has got you covered on a student budget! The battle Axe and Drop Carve are two fantastic drop through cruisers ready to roll like a royce on a beater budget. But don’t worry, you still get abec 7 built-in spaceball bearings and black bear grizzly trucks and quality hawgs wheels. Just because they are affordable doesn’t mean they are cheap!

        If you were looking for the Loco series, you will be disappointed. But only for a short while, once you realize that the loco series has been replaced by the ATV series. At which point you should be overjoyed that those snappable not-very-street decks have been replaced by durable shredders that are built to last! It’s not often hyped, but these boards have a very thin layer of fibreglass in them. They come set up with a wedge in the front, polar bear 155mm and 60mm chubby hawgs. They are all the same length and off the same mold, but come in different shapes to suite your style. 10/10 would rip in a bowl.

          Now for something completely different. The switchblade this board has been in the Landy line up for. .  oh I dunno. . . like ever. The reason is simple. The shape is awesome. Its just awesome. You want to push super long distances with ease? This is a good board for that. You want to bomb mountain roads at mach 10 and feel stable doing it? This is a good board for that. You want to do super big standies and dump thane all over the road? This is a good board for that. What isn’t this board good for? Ollies, and thats about it. Nuff said.

            If we still have your attention (which would be amazing, cause the average attention span for online use is somewhere between 3-4 seconds), than lets just take a minute to appreciate Dinghy’s. The little board that rides big. Between the variation in graphics, the ease of carry, and super comfy ride, its one of the more functional boards ever. We wont gush on about them, you can just browse them a see how rad they are on your own.


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